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St Mary's Catholic Primary School



Mrs S FosterHeadteacher                                                                              
Miss L Hoey

Deputy Headteacher/ Year 6 Class Teacher

Miss L MartinReception Class teacher
Mrs J JarvisYear 1 Class Teacher
Mrs D ThompsonYear 2 Class Teacher
Mr T JohnsonYear 3 Class Teacher
Miss S AlderYear 4 Class Teacher
Mrs J GartlandYear 5 Class Teacher
Mr B DunnPPA Teacher
Mrs M AtkinsonTeaching Assistant/Breakfast Club Supervisor
Miss J BateyTeaching Assistant/Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs S CrawfordTeaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A DesmondTeaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J WestgarthTeaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J SouthwoodTeaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss M DixonTeaching Assistant
Mrs K RhodesTeaching Assistant
Mrs R DickieSchool Business Manager
Mrs V CharltonOffice Admin Assistant
Mr T WatsonCaretaker
Mrs S BlackettSchool Cook 
Mrs J CornellLunchtime Supervisor
Miss L MarshallCleaner
Mrs C JohnsonCleaner


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'Living, learning, caring together with God beside us.'

At St Mary's our mission is to be a community which offers the best possible education based on Christian values.
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