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At St Mary’s our mission statement, ‘Living, learning, caring together with God beside us’, permeates through the whole of our curriculum and is central to everything we do. We recognise that every child is a unique individual made in the image of God. Pupils are taught to treat all with respect and to support each other in their learning. We want our pupils to have a sense of belonging to a community where they have the confidence to use their gifts and talents to become life-long learners.


We provide our pupils with an engaging and challenging curriculum that is designed to foster a broad and lasting knowledge and inspiring learning experiences which build curiosity, resilience, confidence and self-esteem. We ensure that our curriculum is progressive and develops pupil’s knowledge and skills. We intend for our curriculum to promote academic achievement, a love of learning and a growth mindset.


We aim for all pupils to:

  • Become fluent and confident readers and to develop an appreciation and love of reading
  • Develop and apply basic skills across the curriculum
  • Acquire and retain key knowledge and subject specific vocabulary
  • Have opportunities for independent and collaborative learning experiences which raise curiosity and builds aspiration
  • Be reflective learners demonstrating resilience, critical thinking and creativity
  • Have a range of learning opportunities which enables them to make connections in their learning and to the wider world
  • Understand and apply the importance of Catholic and British values throughout their learning which promote respect and value for others, their views, cultures and beliefs
  • Have a sense of morality, respect and belonging to a community
  • Be prepared and ready for each next stage of their learning and life beyond school.
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'Living, learning, caring together with God beside us.'

At St Mary's our mission is to be a community which offers the best possible education based on Christian values.
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